Cofence includes many features! Here are the major ones:

Athlete Selection

  • Selecting multiple athletes at once
  • Highlighting athletes from a specified club
  • Seeing each athlete from a team

Tournament View

  • Rounds and direct elimination
  • Selecting multiple sub tournaments (e.g. male and female versions) at once
  • Support for team tournaments

Tournament Selection


  • Notifications about upcoming fights for all selected fencers
  • A timer within the notification showing the time left until the fight
  • Notification content providing all necessary information at a glance

Convenience Features

  • Source websites are easiliy accessible everywhere in the app
  • Athlete details + athlete stats
  • Athlete stats for the currently selected tournament

Planned Features

These features are currently planned. If you have other ideas to improve Cofence, take a look at Contact.

  • Showing the tournament mode more interactively
  • Fusing tournaments with the same name
    (e.g. when there are separate male / female tournaments)
  • A mode for referees
  • Live Activity support for iOS, providing information about the next fight